These questions all require careful analysis of your farm. You maybe able to match the rent or the new sales price and be competitive.


Do not guess as this can be a huge mistake.


There are key numbers that are needed from your current operation .


Pmg does not have any magic formula.


It’s your business and entering the numbers as accurately as possible is a nesessity. Know these numbers cold:

1. Fixed cost/acre
easy way to think about this is that every dollar your farm spends less seed fertilizer crop protectants and crop insurance plus an equipment replacement fund.


2. Think of each crop and variety as an enterprise
keep a rotation but be sure you identify the winners and losers. History may not be your best guide.


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Top 10 Reasons to Try Farm Optimizer Software:

1) Know exactly which crops are profitable
2) Understand what level of rent can be paid
3) Determine expansion plans or equipment changes
4) Determine break-even production costs
5) Determine profitability for crop-share, rental
6)  Share information easily with business partners
7)Measure your marketing ability
8) Track production history and prices for years
9) Build budgets to forecast production profitability
10)Sleep At night